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Designed out of a genuine need by captains, for captains.

Our Story

Faced with the same dangers all mariners encounter, we sought a smart, comprehensive safety solution but weren’t able to find one.
Driven by a true mission and a deep understanding of the sea, we created the WATCHIT Patented Smart Prevention System for Boats. Our technology is designed to stop accidents, drawing inspiration from the automotive industry's proactive technology.

Our Vision

To set a new standard in recreational boating safety.

Our Mission

Prevent boating accidents, so that loss of lives and irreparable damage become things of the past.


our team

Our management team is a blend of maritime experts and tech innovators. Led by Tal Duvdevany, a former naval commander and seasoned captain. 
Our experience in both the maritime and tech sectors uniquely positions us to tackle the challenges of modern boating safety.

Tal Duvdevany

CEO & Co-Founder

Yehonatan Ofir

Head of Product

Sharon Hindi

Head of Operations & Customer Success

Dan Breitel

Product Specialist


Our Board

Our board is a powerhouse of industry leaders and innovators. Including, the founders of AQUA MARINA YACHT, one of the leading yacht dealerships in the Mediterranean, dedicated to innovation, and notable entrepreneurs. Their collective expertise and vision guide us in setting new standards in boating safety. 

Amir Eyal


Ofer Sela


Eldad Barnoon


Tal Duvdevany

CEO & Co-Founder

Efi Hershkovitz

Board Memeber

Eyal Waldman

Board Memeber

Lawrence Nathan

Advisory Board

Niso Gadot

Advisory Board

Our mission is clear: prevent boating accidents, so that loss of lives and irreparable damage become things of the past.

Tal Duvdevany


Setting a new standard in boating safety, together

Our market approach is fueled by partnerships, aimed at accelerating innovation in recreational boating for the safety of all.

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Join Our Mission

We encourage passionate individuals to share their CVs and details. If your skills align with our needs and there's availability, we'll reach out to you.

Explore Our Current Open Positions

We are looking for a Mid-Level Python Developer with 3-5 years of experience to maintain and optimize our backend services. This role is crucial for ensuring the stability and efficiency of our various Python applications and services.


– Strong proficiency in Python programming language.
– Experience in back-end web development and software development.
– Expertise in object-oriented programming (OOP) concepts and practices.
– Knowledge and experience in working with databases.
– Strong analytical and problem-solving skills.
– Proficiency in using Git and GitHub.
– Experience with cloud computing environments, preferably with Amazon Web Services (AWS).
– Excellent verbal and written communication skills.
– Experience in the boating industry or with maritime technologies is a plus.
– Bachelor’s or Master’s degree in Computer Science, Software Engineering, or related field.


– Maintain, optimize, and improve existing backend Python services.
– Develop robust and scalable APIs.
– Perform root-cause analysis to identify and fix performance bottlenecks and bugs.
– Work collaboratively in an Agile team to deliver high-quality software against tight schedules.
– Write well-designed, efficient, and testable code adhering to best practices.
– Conduct code reviews to ensure code quality and functional and non-functional requirements are met.
– Assist in architecting scalable and robust backend systems.
– Monitor and ensure system uptime and robustness.
– Assist with abroad customer support and installations.

Our employess are Making Waves

As someone who's passionate about technology and the sea, working at WATCHIT has been a dream come true. The team is incredibly supportive, and it's rewarding to know that our work directly impacts the safety and enjoyment of boaters. I couldn't ask for a better place to grow my career.

Yuval Nachman Software Developer

My role is incredibly fulfilling. The team's support and dedication to our mission make every day at WATCHIT a rewarding experience. Knowing that our efforts directly contribute to enhancing boating safety adds a meaningful purpose to our work. I'm proud to be part of a team that is revolutionizing the boating industry.

Sharon Hindi Head of Operations & Customer Success


Everything you wanted to know about WATCHIT

WATCHIT was born out of true necessity. When seasoned captains and ex-naval commanders sailed with their families for a relaxing, joyful cruise and one of them was involved in a boating accident, he immediately thought of a technological solution that could prevent this from ever happening again but was shocked to see there were none on the market. He put together his experience and that of his captain mates and created an A-team, including top-notch tech experts. 

They asked themselves why, despite all of the available technology and data, operator error is still the main contributing factor in sea accidents, while grounding and collisions are among the top five types of marine accidents worldwide. After years of crafting, the perfect solution was born – WATCHIT Smart Prevention System. 

Today there is a clear WATCHIT vision shared by customers, partners, and employees worldwide – to set a new standard in recreational boating safety with the mission to prevent boating accidents, so that loss of lives and irreparable damage become things of the past.

WATCHIT Patented Smart Prevention System never gets tired, never sleeps and eliminates human error. It works silently until needed.

Our Smart Prevention System Benefits:
– Saves Lives: prevents accidents, reducing risks of injuries and fatalities.
– Reduces Expenses: saves money by reducing damage to your vessel from collisions. 
– Smooth Sailing: enhances the boating experience with peace of mind. 
– Eco-Friendly: protects the marine ecosystem and helps environmental sustainability.

Partner with WATCHIT – trusted by leading shipyards and industry leaders – to set a standard in recreational boating safety. Our mission is to prevent boating accidents, so that loss of lives and irreparable damage become things of the past.  If you feel connected to these values and wish to be a part of the boating safety revolution, please contact us: 


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