MAIB Investigation Reveals Alarming Safety Issues in the Tragic RIB Acciden

By WATCHIT editorial January 22, 2024 The heartbreaking loss of a young life in a tragic rigid inflatable boat (RIB) accident sent shockwaves through the maritime community. As investigations uncovered, the Seadogz collision resulting in death and multiple critical injuries was tragically preventable. On August 22nd, 2020, a devastating boating accident claimed the life of […]

IBI: Industry start-up WATCHIT calls for renewed focus on safety at sea

By Gal Kaddar January 03, 2024 Despite the best intentions, accidents at sea are rising – new technological solutions are needed Rising incidents involving tenders and small craft like RIBs and dinghies have prompted industry experts and startups like WATCHIT, to call for immediate technological intervention to curb the rising spate of incidents, more often than […]

The Silent Crisis on Our Waters: The Urgent Need for Boating Safety Measures

Boating is often seen as a leisurely escape, but the grim reality is far from idyllic. The
Marine Accident Investigation Branch (MAIB) has opened a staggering number of
investigations into marine accidents, painting a dire picture that demands immediate
action from government bodies, maritime decision makers, and industry leaders.


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