WATCHIT is featured on IBI as the solution for safety at sea

IBI is a renowned and popular business magazine focused on the global recreational boating industry.As such, it is no wonder that they want to put the spotlight on such an important issue as safety at sea. Thank you IBI NEWS, for raising awareness and helping promote life saving technology. As WATCHIT CEO, Tal Duvdevany, says: […]

Interview with WATCHIT’s CEO on

Seazone is a leading yacht management software, and we were honored they have selected the WATCHIT tech as an innovative solution for boat safety navigation. Seazone sat with our CEO, Tal Duvdevani, for an in-depth fascinating interview on how WATCHIT’s prevention system helps captains on a daily basis and how it can stop boating accidents […]

Exciting new partnership with Simrad

Simrad is the leading manufacturer of marine electronics for both leisure and professional markets. With the integration of the WATCHIT Safety Prevention System into Simrad’s innovative systems, we’re not just introducing an advanced tech feature. We’re taking a giant leap in setting a new safety standard for boaters everywhere – aiming to prevent accidents and […]

WATCHIT is featured on iefimerida

Greece’s leading financial newspaper. The editorial outlines the risk to the Greek economy due to the numerous boating accidents and highlights Watchit as a necessary, and potentially mandatory, solution.

WATCHIT Empowers Israeli Sailing Team in Prestigious Aegean Race

WATCHIT has been selected to support the Israeli sailing team in the prestigious Aegean 600 race. Lataka-be, Israel’s reigning sailing ship champion for 2022, will be equipped with our state-of-the-art safety system, ensuring unparalleled navigation security during this challenging competition. WatchIT is truly honored to contribute to the success and safety of the Israeli team.

Ferretti Group adopts the “WATCHIT”

Ferretti Group adopts the “WATCHIT” anti-collision system: the technology that combines artificial intelligence with the latest generation of sensors.


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