IBI: Industry start-up WATCHIT calls for renewed focus on safety at sea

By January 03, 2024

Despite the best intentions, accidents at sea are rising – new technological solutions are needed

Rising incidents involving tenders and small craft like RIBs and dinghies have prompted industry experts and startups like WATCHIT, to call for immediate technological intervention to curb the rising spate of incidents, more often than not down to human error, as more people take to the water.

“The technology is accessible and affordable. What’s needed now is action. Our primary goal is to save human lives,” says WATCHIT CEO, Tal Duvdevany, emphasizing the urgency of the situation.

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“The technology is accessible and affordable. What’s needed now is action. Our primary goal is to save human lives,” says WATCHIT CEO, Tal Duvdevany

In the maritime industry, tenders and small craft such as RIBs, chase boats, and dinghies are increasingly involved in accidents. As the industry grows, so does the human factor contributing to these incidents. Recent accidents in Turkey and a series of mishaps in the Aegean Sea last summer have brought the issue to the forefront.

Safety warnings and voluntary codes of practice are increasingly common, yet the number of accidents involving these types of craft continues to rise. Duvdevany believes this underscores the need for more effective solutions beyond just warnings.

Among the emerging solutions is WATCHIT, an Israeli startup founded by former navy commanders. According to WATCHIT, its Smart Prevention System integrates advanced algorithms with experienced captains’ insights to provide timely warnings for common concerns at sea and prevent boating accidents. “We see the need and demand for our solutions as a real opportunity to save lives. We believe this will become the new standard,” says WATCHIT CEO, Tal Duvdevany. WATCHIT says its prevention system features exclusive and patented capabilities such as Dynamic Alert Zone, Critical Action real-time alerts, and engine commands. The system constantly scans and analyzes data from the boat, other vessels, and network transmissions, providing crucial insights and alerts in real time.

The industry is at a crossroads. As the maritime sector continues to grow, attracting more and more novice boaters, so does the alarming increase in accidents, particularly those attributed to human error. Technological innovation and regulatory action are no longer optional; they are necessities, says Duvdevany.

WATCHIT – In focus

WATCHIT was founded in 2021 by former naval officers and tech entrepreneurs driven by a mission to improve boating safety. Headquartered in Herzliya, Israel, WATCHIT has 15 employees.

Led by Tal Duvdevany, an ex-naval commander and seasoned captain, our management team blends maritime expertise with tech business savvy. The firm is backed by industry luminaries like Mellanox founder Eyal Waldman and healthcare investor Efi Hershkovitz.

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