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WATCHIT is a safety system that is the most vital co-pilot for your boat.
Powered by advanced algorithms and AI, WATCHIT is focused on practical, actionable alerts, navigating you towards safer and more enjoyable boating experiences.

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The End of Unnecessary Boating Tragedies is here with WATCHIT

WATCHIT is built on the wisdom of seasoned captains and ex-naval commanders.

Stop Working for Your Systems; Let Your System Work for You

For captains, this is the system that you won't know how you did without. It protects you from the most common maritime dangers:

Vessel Grounding

Navigating Congested Water

Obstacle Collisions

How Does It Work

With WATCHIT, you gain access to exclusive, patented capabilities:

Risk Assessment

Scans the nearby navigation area for potential risks based on the boat's properties and navigational data.

Critical Action

Protects the vessel by analyzing real-time boat data, providing real-time alerts and engine commands.

Dynamic Alert Zone

Advanced algorithms constantly learning you and your environment to supply you with smart alerts.

Why Choose Us

Most systems overload you with too much data, making it hard to act. WATCHIT sorts it all out for you, so you can enjoy your time on the water without worry.

Clients Love


Before WATCHIT, it's like I was sailing half-blind. Now, it's like I have another mate on board who never gets tired, never rests, and never stops. WATCHIT is always alert and I wouldn't want to hit the water without it.

Ibrahim Dogan Yacht Captain

Using WATCHIT has been a lifesaver for me. It's not just about the bells and whistles; the system actually helps me avoid collisions and gives me alerts that matter in real-time. It makes my existing sensors way more useful.

Deena Sokolov Licensed Skipper

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