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WATCHIT eliminates human error and prevents boating accidents, so there will be no more oops...

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Introducing: WATCHIT Patented Smart Prevention System


Industry-Wide Engagement

Leading shipyards trust WATCHIT, integrating the Smart Prevention System as standard in yacht builds.

Unique Offering for Your Customers

Add an exclusive patented safety solution that helps prevent boating accidents to your technology offerings.

Proven Product-Market Fit

Numerous customers have sea-tested and seamlessly integrated the WATCHIT system into their boats and their existing sailing routines.

Industry leaders are entitled to priority access >

Priority Integration

Benefit from expedited installation times and enjoy shorter waiting times.

Premium Support

Leverage dedicated support for seamless integration and day to day operation.

First Access

Gain early access to the latest updates, features, and enhancements.

Smart Prevention System Benefits

Safety Standard

Trusted by the marine industry, which is already embracing our boating safety standard, with theSystem becoming an essential component for all boats.

User Endorsement

The market is already experiencing the benefits of the WATCHIT System for boats, and the feedback from users has been overwhelmingly positive.

Industry Impact

Get on board with the movement to make a significant impact on the boating industry, by championing innovative patented safety standards.

Seamless Integration
Plug-and-Play Installation

Start making smarter, safer decisions.

Integrate in Real-Time

Seamlessly integrate with existing boat sensors, requiring minimum installation time.

Train in Minutes

Feel comfortable using the technology quickly thanks to the intuitive interface and features.

No Disruptions

Stay equipped with the latest safety measures, with a system that receives automatic software updates regularly.

WATCHIT Smart Prevention System ​ makes sense of all boat electronics, providing actionable information to captains when it matters most​.

Before WATCHIT, it's like I was sailing half-blind. Now, it's like I have another mate on board who never gets tired, never rests, and never stops. WATCHIT is always alert and I wouldn't want to hit the water without it.

Ibrahim Dogan Yacht Captain

Using WATCHIT has been a lifesaver for me. It's not just about the bells and whistles; the system actually helps me avoid collisions and gives me alerts that matter in real-time. It makes my existing sensors way more useful.

Deena Sokolov Licensed Skipper

Our mission is clear: prevent boating accidents, so that loss of lives and irreparable damage become things of the past.

Tal Duvdevany



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