Marine Casualties Climb as Human Error Persists: WATCHIT’s Smart Tech Offers a Buoy of Hope

By WATCHIT editorial March 11, 2024

A new EMSA report reveals an average of 2,646 marine casualties annually, with an alarming rise in recreational boating incidents. Contact accidents account for 45% of all incidents, and human factors cause a staggering 80.7%.
However, pioneering solutions like WATCHIT’s Smart Prevention System are emerging as a safety beacon, proving their mettle in mitigating collisions caused by human error.

The European Maritime Safety Agency (EMSA) released its Annual Overview of Marine Casualties and Incidents for 2023, shedding light on the pressing need for improved safety standards in the maritime sector.

The comprehensive report underscores the critical role of human factors in these events.

The EMSA’s 2023 report serves as a wake-up call for the maritime community,” said Tal Duvdevany, CEO and Co-Founder of WATCHIT, a startup that has gained significant traction with its innovative safety solution.

The report highlights that from 2014 to 2022, there were 23,814 marine casualties and incidents, with a significant proportion resulting in serious (24.4%) and very serious (1.7%) injuries. It’s clear that immediate action is required to protect lives at sea. The technology to reduce accidents caused by human error is readily available and affordable. What is needed now is action. The primary goal must be to save human lives and protect the marine ecosystem.

Key findings from the EMSA report include:

  • A total of 23,814 marine casualties and incidents from 2014 to 2022, with an average of 2,646 occurrences annually.
  • An increase in incidents involving “other ships” category, mainly recreational boats, with 103 incidents in 2022 compared to an annual average of 89.
  • Human action events and human behavior contributing factors jointly relate to 80.7% of the investigated marine casualties and incidents.
  • Contact accidents, involving stationary objects or other vessels, account for 45% of all incidents, highlighting the need for improved procedures and equipment.

This emphasizes the human cost of marine accidents and the need to implement safety standards and technology to protect lives.

In response to these challenges, EMSA is advocating for the adoption of innovative technologies and the establishment of comprehensive safety standards to mitigate risks and prevent future accidents.

Among the promising solutions is the “Smart Prevention System” developed by WATCHIT, a startup founded by captains, for captains.

Their patented technology combines advanced algorithms with expert insights to deliver real-time alerts that prevent accidents.

WATCHIT’s system features exclusive capabilities such as Dynamic Alert Zone, Critical Action, and Real-Time Alerts, offering a proactive approach to maritime safety.

The company’s solution has gained significant recognition and demand in the market, with major players like Ferretti Group and Rafnar RIBs adopting WATCHIT as a standard for their new boats.

WATCHIT has announced its plans to expand into the US market.
The decision to expand was driven by the high demand for WATCHIT’s innovative safety solutions in Europe, aiming to promote safer seas globally.
As part of its expansion, WATCHIT is looking for strategic partners in the US who share its vision and commitment to promoting safety standards.


Founded by former navy commanders who identified a critical need, WATCHIT has developed a “Smart Prevention System“.

The system combines advanced algorithms with the valuable experience of seasoned captains.  

WATCHIT’s innovative prevention system eliminates human error by seamlessly integrating with the boat’s existing sensors and providing a timely warning for the main concerns while at sea – running aground, obstacle collision and navigating congested water. 

WATCHIT’s vision is to set a new standard in recreational boating safety, and our mission is to prevent accidents, so that loss of lives and irreparable damage become things of the past. 

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