Introducing the Smart Prevention System

Prevent boating accidents using advanced patented technology, inspired by the automotive industry.

The Technology Behind Safety

Here's how it works:

Area Risk Assessment Scanning Module

This feature actively scans the immediate navigational area, assessing potential risks by correlating real time sensor information with the specific properties of the vessel.

Vessel Protection Analytics

The system continuously analyzes the boat's real-time data streams to ensure ongoing protection and immediate responses to any changes in vessel dynamics or the surrounding environment.

Dynamic Alert Zone Algorithm

Utilizing an advanced patented algorithm, this module aids vessel safety by effectively distinguishing between genuine threats and negligible anomalies, thus significantly reducing false alarms.

Immediate Action Notification System

In the event of a detected hazard, the system issues real-time alerts, coupled with automated or suggested maneuvers, to facilitate immediate corrective action.

WATCHIT Smart Prevention System for Boats

Makes sense of all boat electronics, providing actionable information to captains when it matters most.

Seamless Integration
Plug-and-Play Installation

Start making smarter, safer decisions on board.

Integrate in Real-Time

Seamlessly integrate with existing boat sensors, requiring minimum installation time.

Train in Minutes

Feel comfortable using the technology quickly thanks to the intuitive interface and features.

No Disruptions

Stay equipped with the latest safety measures, with a system that receives automatic software updates regularly.

Advanced Data Engines Meet Sailing

We're bringing technology commonly used in the automotive industry into the world of sailing and boating. Our sophisticated safety engines collect and analyze data inputs surrounding your boat to predict what will happen next and trigger an alert allowing the captain to react on time.

Hardware Device

Seamlessly integrates with your boat's existing systems, providing real-time data and safety alerts to transform your sailing experience.

Real Captains, Real Hazards
One Game-Changing Solution

Witness firsthand how the WATCHIT Smart Prevention System transforms life-threatening situations into avoided accidents.

Protection against the most common sea dangers:

Case Study 1: Obstacle Collision

Situation: The captain failed to notice rocks ahead while sailing.
Solution: WATCHIT’s Smart Prevention System provided a timely alert based on distance and data calculations, allowing the captain to stop before colliding with the rocks.
Outcome: Accident prevented, vessel damage prevented, and lives saved.

WATCHIT Smart Prevention System ​ makes sense of all boat electronics, providing actionable information to captains when it matters most​.

Before WATCHIT, it's like I was sailing half-blind. Now, it's like I have another mate on board who never gets tired, never rests, and never stops. WATCHIT is always alert and I wouldn’t want to sail without it.

Ibrahim Dogan Yacht Captain

Using WATCHIT has been a lifesaver for me. It's not just about the bells and whistles; the system actually helps me avoid collisions and gives me alerts that matter in real-time. It makes my existing sensors way more useful.

Deena Sokolov Licensed Skipper


Everything you wanted to know about the WATCHIT Smart Prevention System that prevents boating accidents.

WATCHIT Smart Prevention System for Boats

Founded by former navy commanders who identified a critical need, WATCHIT has developed a “Smart Prevention System.” The system combines advanced algorithms created from the valuable experience of seasoned captains with the data received from your boat’s electronics to alert captains to dangers at sea, preventing boating accidents from occurring.

WATCHIT’s innovative Smart Prevention System eliminates human error by seamlessly integrating with the boat’s existing sensors and providing timely warnings for collision concerns while at sea.
The Smart Prevention System harnesses advanced technology inspired by the automotive industry, to prevent boating accidents and collisions.

The system protects against the most common sea dangers, including running aground, obstacle collision, and navigating through congested waters.

The WATCHIT Smart Prevention System is more than just another electronic device on the boat. It’s a smart helper that is constantly learning about the operator, the vessel, and the environment.  

The exclusive patented features include:  

– Constant scanning of nearby navigation areas for risks tailored to the boat’s properties.   

– Continual real-time data analysis.   

– Dynamic Alert Zone that reduces false alarms.  

– Critical action alerts.

Shipping and Installation

We have customers in Europe, the US, and the Middle East and we ship internationally.

The WATCHIT system ships worldwide efficiently, getting delivered and installed on your vessel, whether by us or our business partners, following standard courier timing.

The shipping costs are standard courier rates, varying by country and region, and may be facilitated either by us or our business partners.

The installation is a quick process that requires nothing but electricity and a connection to the navigation network. Typically, it’s a brief procedure that includes integration with your existing boat sensors to maximize the capabilities of WATCHIT and the existing electronic devices on your boat.

Once the system has been delivered, our expert operations department, whether managed by us or our business partners, will coordinate a convenient time to install the system directly on your vessel. The integrity of our product is top priority.


WATCHIT software automatically updates when the system is connected to the internet with its embedded cellular modem, whether on land or at sea, and when there is an update available.  

No, you will not notice a thing. You can carry on enjoying your voyage safely and with peace of mind.

Support and Integration

Our customer support is composed of tech experts, typically captains and naval commanders themselves, who are here for you around the clock, to make sure that the prevention system is performing for you and that you are making the most of its vast capabilities.
You can reach us at:

Yes, WATCHIT integrates with existing vessel electronics, making sense out of the data and providing you with one source of truth to rely on to prevent collisions at sea.

WATCHIT can integrate with electronics including monitors, MFD, engines; the system ensures that the right person gets the right information at the right time.


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