For Boat Builders

Embrace The New Boating Safety Standard

The Challenge

Despite advances in technology, traditional safety measures fail to provide real-time, proactive protection, similar to what exists in the aviation and automotive industries.

The Solution

An easy-to-use boating safety system that integrates with existing onboard sensors, providing actionable alerts exactly when needed, all at an affordable price.

Introducing: WATCHIT Patented Smart Prevention System

Preventing boating accidents and saving lives.

Industry-Wide Engagement

Leading shipyards trust WATCHIT, integrating the Smart Prevention System as standard in yacht builds.

Unique Offering for Your Customers

Add an exclusive patented safety solution that helps prevent boating accidents to your technology offerings.

Proven Product-Market Fit

Numerous customers have sea-tested and seamlessly integrated the WATCHIT system into their boats and their existing sailing routines.

Smart Prevention System Benefits

Safety Standard

Trusted by the marine industry, which is already embracing our boating safety standard, with the Smart Prevention System becoming an essential component for all boats.

User Endorsement

The market is already experiencing the benefits of the WATCHIT Smart Prevention System for boats, and the feedback from users has been overwhelmingly positive.

Industry Impact

Get on board with the movement to make a significant impact on the boating industry, by championing innovative patented safety standards.

Experience a New Standard of Boating Safety

See why industry leaders trust it, calling it a game-changer. 

Don't miss the opportunity to be at the forefront of maritime safety


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