The Silent Crisis on Our Waters: The Urgent Need for Boating Safety Measures

Boating is often seen as a leisurely escape, but the grim reality is far from idyllic. The Marine Accident Investigation Branch (MAIB) has opened a staggering number of investigations into marine accidents, painting a dire picture that demands immediate action from government bodies, maritime decision makers, and industry leaders.

The Alarming Numbers
The MAIB’s report, updated on September 27, 2023, lists a multitude of incidents under
investigation. Here are just a few:
• Channel Queen: Grounding led to vessel abandonment and a total constructive loss.
• Lundy Explorer: RIB accident led to multiple injuries.
• Ocean Maid: Grounding led to loss of vessel and boaters’ abandonment.
In total, these incidents alone account for dozens of lives lost and numerous injuries, and
they’re just the tip of the iceberg.

The Frustrating Reality: Human Error
It’s 2023, and unlike the aviation and automotive industries, which have long embraced
technology to mitigate human error, recreational boating is lagging. The primary culprit
remains human error, making up 81.1% of investigated cases, according to the Annual
Overview of Marine Casualties and Incidents, published in November 2022 by EMSA
(European Maritime Safety Agency).

The Technology-Driven Solution is here
It’s frustrating that in this day and age, solutions such as the one presented by the
innovative startup – WATCHIT – aren’t already a standard feature on every boat. Founded
by former Israeli navy commanders out of a true need they identified, WATCHIT has
developed a Smart Prevention System that integrates with existing boat sensors to provide
timely warnings for the main concerns at sea.

The Inconceivable Gap
Given the alarming numbers and the proven efficacy of technology, one must ask in
concern how it is that a solution like WATCHIT’s has not yet been made mandatory. It’s
affordable, it’s effective, and most importantly, it saves lives
The time for change is now. The technology to make our waters safer exists. It’s time for
those in power to step up and make the necessary changes before another life is lost at sea.


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Renowned explorer Erik Aanderaa on his solo sail to Greenland, using WATCHIT Smart Collision Prevention System

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